What is Empathy Styles?

So, you want to maximise the return from your business relationships?

The Empathy Styles model holds the answer – in just 3 simple steps you can:

1. quickly read another person’s unique personality without a questionnaire,

2. understand why they do what they do and predict their behaviour,

3. employ the right relationship strategy to achieve the best result for you both.

Here are some examples of its power:

A Sales Director was concerned why the team were losing key deals. Using the Empathy Styles model the team went on to have their most successful year ever.

A Systems Integrator, working on a £200m bid, was in 2nd place. The Empathy Styles model helped them create a successful relationship strategy. They won the contract.

A Call Centre had to improve customer service. Empathy Styles got them from 1 ‘thank you’ letter in 27,000 calls to 1 in 1,500. 9 months on they’re getting the same results.

A Professional Services Firm identified a requirement to develop client relationship skills. Empathy Styles has now given 600 delegates the tools they needed.

A Company’s Board used to meet all day and still not achieve a result! Empathy Styles explained why it was happening. Now they run effective 2 hour meetings.

Browse the website here or contact us and discover how it could work for your business…

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