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  • Free seminar - Psychometrics in Business
  • Date & Venue - TBA
  • Other seminar topics:
  • 'What do people think of you?'
  • 'How to Read People Better'
  • 'Why people do what they do, and how you can influence them to behave differently?'
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Psychometrics in Business

Join us at our free 2-hour seminar

Date: TBA

Venue: TBA

Times: 9 am to 11 am - refreshments from 8.30 am

If you're in business probably one of the major issues you face is people. Typically there are 2 key questions that we're faced with:

1. Why do people do what they do? and

2. How can I influence them to do things differently?

This free 2-hour seminar aims to answer both questions and give you an insight into your own behaviour and that of your close colleagues or customers.

We will explore one particular psychometric which is incredibly easy to use; it needs no complicated forms or analysis; can be learnt in a matter of hours; and has been proven to help generate and manage outstanding business relationships.

How does it help? We have many examples of salespeople using this psychometric to build strong relationships with and win deals from people who are very different from them. Equally, managers or administrators gain a greater insight into their peers, staff, and suppliers with the result that they create stronger relationships and thus get greater cooperation.

We will cover the following:

  • Customer Management - sell to 'difficult' customers
  • Which sales approach works best for different prospects
  • Leadership - understand your own leadership style and realise what else your team needs
  • Understand what really motivates people in your business
  • Generate better cooperation from peers, staff and suppliers

You will receive a written report of your own temperament profile, which will identify your strengths in relation to others.

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Your place(s) will be confirmed and we will look forward to meeting you and any of your colleagues.


Other Empathy Styles Seminar and Workshop Titles are available to you:

'What do people think of you?' - very helpful for people in the professions or in technical occupations who don't always think of the 'people' aspects of their business and the impact that they make on their clients

'How to Read People Better' - answers the age-old question - "how can I understand other people so that I can work / live with them more easily?"

'Why do people do what they do, and how can I influence them to behave differently?' - an ideal workshop for managers, technical or customer service people who need to get co-operation from staff, colleagues or customers.

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