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Empathy Customer Service Course - a valuable business
training course

Empathy Customer Service Course – a valuable business training course A practical 2-day customer service skills course which teaches people who are dealing with customers face-to-face or on the phone how to deal effectively with customers - how to get more sales or how to deal with complaints or service. How to improve their Emotional Intelligence in dealing with customers - even the awkward ones - through understanding their customers as people! This helpful and fun customer care training does this through participants learning the Empathy Styles model - how to quickly 'read' the personality of their customers, whether it's on the phone or face-to-face, and then how to use the different strategies to get the best result in each case. The course helps participants to develop their customer service skills based on that knowledge. Give your staff the customer care training that helps them create great customer relationships that can give your business a competitive edge.

Who for?

Customer Service Teams - either on the phone or face-to-face

How long?

2 days - back to back or spread over 2 weeks


This customer care training is run for in-house groups and will be tailored specifically to your business.


Empathy Customer Service Course – a valuable business training course The Empathy Styles Difference - how to deal with customers, as they want to be dealt with, individually

We can also include skills & attitudes important to your business, e.g.
The 7 World Class Standards of Customer Service

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Empathy Customer Service Course - a valuable business training course

2 days of unique Customer Care Training in which your customer service teams will.......

  • Learn the secrets of how to build successful customer relationships in the moment - with even the difficult customers!
  • Learn and practice which strategies to use with which customers - how to make the customers feel they're being dealt with individually,
  • Review and practice foundation customer service skills


This practical business training course focussed on customer service skills will show your customer service team how to adapt their approach to individual customers so that your customers get the best possible experience with your business. Keep the customers you've got; win new ones! In 2 days this customer care training will teach your people how to identify their customers' unique temperament and then how to deliver great customer service. How often have we, as customers, found that we're not treated as individuals in a shop or on the phone with a supplier's staff? The result? We may accept it but we may not, believing that we can get a better service elsewhere. How many of us lose business because of the inability of the 'front-line' staff to recognise what we really want.

It shows participants how the Empathy Styles model works - how you can 'read' other people's styles, almost instantly on meeting, or on the phone - and how to quickly adapt your approach to get alongside your customer.

It is an extraordinarily powerful yet simple concept that is easy to grasp, fun to learn and profitable to put into action.

Who will benefit?

  • Customer Service Staff - on the phone or face-to-face
  • Sales Administration staff
  • Technical staff who repair or service systems and equipment
  • Customer Service Team Leaders

What Will They Gain?

  • The ability to read other people quickly
  • Identifying, in the moment, the best approach for each customer
  • The best questioning approach for each customer
  • How to anticipate and handle objections from different types of customer
  • Gaining commitment from the customer using 7 different ways of closing
  • Working with customers and colleagues more easily and effectively
  • Reducing personal frustration when dealing with certain people,
  • Having fun in learning about your own temperament and that of your customers,
  • A new set of skills to smooth the path to profitable relationships with customers.

The Empathy Styles Difference

  • Understanding the Empathy Styles model and how to read others quickly
  • Understanding own behaviour - what works well, what needs to change
  • Learning and practicing the specific Empathy skills needed to deal with customers and colleagues with a different profile

In addition we can include specific skills/attitudes important to your business, for example:

The 7 World Class Standards of Customer Service

  • Understanding the importance of positive attitude, even when things don't seem very positive!
  • Becoming more responsive - knowing the value of a timely response
  • Listening - really hearing what the customer is saying
  • Proactivity - doing whatever's necessary to create customer satisfaction
  • Taking responsibility - taking personal responsibility for the customer's experience
  • Quality - making sure the customer gets consistent value
  • Teamwork - supporting the other members of the team

What's included?

2 days of interactive training with an experienced Empathy Styles trainer

Over the 2 days practical guidance and tips on participants' real customer experiences including how to handle the 'difficult' customers

A helpful workbook and an easy-to-use reference manual

A certificate of completion

Unlimited email or phone support from the Empathy Styles training team following the training

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