Empathy Selling - course If you want to develop awareness, familiarity, skill or even mastery in using Empathy then you will want to to explore the value of an Empathy Styles Course. One of the benefits of a course is that you can learn in the the company of others - for most of us this makes the learning easier, quicker and more fun. Some of these courses are run as open programmes, which means anyone can attend, and others are only run within an organisation.  

Courses and Seminars - your options

2 hours - Free seminar - gives you an awareness of the value of Empathy Styles

1 day - Empathy Lite - an introduction to Empathy Styles

2 days - Skill Building -

6 x ½ days - Personal development

3 days - Instructor programme - learning how to teach Empathy

5 days - Mastery - Taking your knowledge to completely new levels

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