Customer Service Training in London

Empathy Customer Service Course – a valuable business training course Improving the first contact technique between your staff and potential customers is one of the primary drivers of customer satisfaction. Learn how to liaise with customers effectively, manage complaints, provide a memorable service and drive sales in a few simple steps with the great customer service training in London that Empathy Styles has to offer.

Good listening skills and questioning techniques can dramatically shorten the interaction time needed with customers. This results in the ability to serve more people in a shorter space of time and possibly with fewer staff. Not only does this save your business money, it also keeps your clients happy because you are not taking up too much of their time.

We place all our confidence in the Empathy Styles model which follows the belief that everybody has 7 different aspects to their personality. Our courses teach participants how to recognise the different characteristics and which are more dominant in each individual. This knowledge can then be used to engage with others and build lasting relationships with them.

Participants will also be taught how to acquire the ability to engage with different people and attain the best results by doing this. Dealing with difficult customers can be tricky but knowing how to do this in a successful and effective manner can be the difference between resolving a situation and losing a customer.

How long?

Empathy Styles offer a range of seminars and courses from two hour seminars and one day courses to three and five day courses depending on your business needs. Book more than one person onto the course and receive a 10% discount.


Empathy Customer Service Course – a valuable business training course Our customer service training in London will provide participants with everything they need in order to achieve great customer relationships that will increase loyalty and build a positive reputation for you and your business.

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