Empathy Styles is a branch of PeopleTrack Limited, a UK organisation offering professional business training programmes. PeopleTrack offers the Empathy model to client organisations directly or through a group of distributors


Walter Blackburn - CEO and founder

Walter brought the Empathy concept to the UK in the mid 1990s having founded PeopleTrack Ltd a few years previously. Prior to this Walter had a successful 20 year career in sales, management and personal development training. He has developed leading edge training programmes and built a team of superb trainers to deliver quite remarkable results. His vision is to inspire people, enabling them to achieve their full potential. As an acknowledged expert in the Empathy programme, Walter has trained salespeople, managers, customer service teams and trainers over the last 10 years.

Tony Robinson, Trainer and Head of Programme Development Team

Tony Robinson is a highly skilled international Sales Presenter, Coach and Sales Trainer. He is a sales focused presenter with over 23 year's sales experience. For the last 12 years Tony has worked with many international companies in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands and across the UK helping to develop their relationship strategies.

His ability to motivate and inspire groups together with a specialist skill in large audience interaction has lead him to be in high demand across many industry sectors. Tony helps bring the Empathy offering to life!

Fiona Van Graan - Consultant Psychologist


Fiona is an experienced business psychologist and an expert in both Empathy Styles and the full psychometric on which Empathy Styles is founded (the Humm Wadsworth Temperament Scale). She registered as a Psychologist in Australia and worked with Chandler Macleod as a Consultant Psychologist for 7 years.  In the UK she is a Course Director for The Leadership Trust, running intensive leadership development programmes for middle and senior managers from around the world; she runs Empathy Mastery and Empathy Train the Trainer programmes for Peopletrack; and she runs Flashlight, a coaching and development business.

Fiona is the Empathy Mastery trainer; she also trains instructors, advises clients on the psychology of Empathy, and answers the ‘difficult’ questions that baffle the rest of us!


Jim Wigg

As a facilitator and coach Jim has become synonymous with giving clients a different perspective - and in business relationships what better vehicle to do this with than Empathy Styles! Whether facilitating a team day or working one-to-one, Jim gives people insights into themselves and the people they work with. Insights that help mend a relationship, get the best from a team or differentiate from competitors.

He's been working with Empathy Styles since 1997 and had some great successes. Highlights include developing a client relationship strategy for a Systems Integrator that helped them win a £200m contract and designing a business development course for one of the Big Four that's had universally positive feedback from 685 happy delegates over four years. He is also the creator of our 'What do people think of you?' and 'Business development ability - something you are born with?' seminars


Simon Rigden

simonSimon Rigden has had a very successful career of over 30 years in industry, largely in the IT sector. Graduating in 1970, Simon joined ICL as a graduate trainee and spent over 11 years developing his sales and sales management skills. This was followed by Simon holding various leadership and executive roles in enterprise software sales with Informations Resources Inc., JDEdwards, Lawson and JPMorgan FundsHub.

During the mid 1990's Simon experienced the opportunities and success that can be brought about through the use of Empathy and over subsequent years introduced this approach to his management, sales and consultancy teams. So having personally experienced the power of Empathy, he is now passionate about sharing the techniques of being able to read people to change their personal and business fortunes. Simon leads the Empathy Training business


Mike Kean

mikeMike is an experienced and charismatic trainer with an enthusiasm for Empathy Styles. He started his work life as a craft apprentice with ICI in Scotland. After qualifying he emigrated with his new wife to South Africa. Mike developed his engineering and management skills to the point where he became manager of a foundry with a 220 strong multi-cultural workforce. Returning to the UK with his wife and 3 boys who were all born in South Africa, he lived in London for 22 years.

Mike learnt to sell and became a commission-only salesperson for the Dale Carnegie training organisation. After qualifying as an instructor in all of the Dale Carnegie programmes he rejoined the engineering industry as a sales manager and then as a training manager. Mike has a degree in Social Sciences from the Open University and has successfully runs his own training business, Ask Business Development, since 1995. Having worked with many different personality models, he has become an expert in the Empathy Styles approach working with salespeople, managers and leaders.

Alan Elston

alanAlan Elston is an expert communicator to groups - as a presenter; as a conference host; as a conference speaker coach; as a major bid presentation manager; and as a trainer of presentation skills. His style is dynamic and engaging and he has the experience, energy and passion to inspire other speakers and the audience. He is an expert in using Empathy to strengthen the message in a business presentation.

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