Leadership Course and Training in London

Empathy Customer Service Course – a valuable business training course Build relationships, improve motivation and get more from your staff by learning how to successfully achieve this in one of the leadership courses and training in London that we offer at Empathy Styles.

Whether you have recently promoted a member of staff into a management position or simply want to offer more training, sending your workforce on leadership courses can provide endless benefits to your team, their morale and ultimately, your business.

Leadership courses and training can significantly improve management and communication skills which not only increases productivity and efficiency, but also motivates your workforce and increases sales for your business.

Even the most experienced manager can struggle in their role at times due to the different personality styles of their team. Our Empathy Styles model teaches leaders that everybody has 7 different aspects of their personality, what these are and how to recognise them and then use this knowledge to engage with others.

Using the Empathy Styles model, attendees will quickly develop an understanding of their own leadership style, which techniques are effective with individuals and groups and which are less effective.

The workshop provides participants with the opportunity to discover what they do well, what needs to change and how to do this in order to increase flexibility and effectiveness in their role.


We run a number of seminars and courses to suit all businesses. From two hour seminars and one day courses to three and five day courses, there is something for everyone at Empathy Styles.


Empathy Customer Service Course – a valuable business training course Our leadership courses and training in London focus on how to get the best from others, improve communications within teams as well as remove or reduce potential frustrations and improve motivation. Attendees will leave the course feeling confident that they can handle challenging tasks, demanding situations, know how to solve problems and work well under pressure.

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