Empathy Leadership Course

A 1-day workshop for leadership teams who wish to explore how they can lead more effectively. Using the Empathy Styles model participants quickly develop an understanding of their own leadership style - what's effective with which individuals and groups, and what is less effective. Importantly it gives participants some answers as to what they do well, what needs to change and how to do that in order to increase their flexibility and effectiveness in the leadership role - how to 'flex' their leadership style.

Empathy Leadership Workshop – a 1-day event to explore leadership styleDuring the day the participants explore their own preferred communication/relationship style. Crucially participants get to realise how their temperament influences their behaviour and thus, in turn, how they can affect others. Through the insights that they gain into others' styles, they learn what to do and what not to do with the different people in their team and in the wider business team.

Focussing on how to get the best from others, communications within the team is improved, potential frustrations are removed or reduced and the team's motivation improves.

Programme Format


  • Fundamental aspects of leadership
  • The Empathy model
  • Our own communication/relationship style
  • Recognising the communication/relationship style of others
  • Individual strengths and weaknesses in relation to leadership
  • Impact on the team of individual behaviours
  • Practicing alternative communication/relationship strategies
  • Post workshop commitment


The result will be increased self-awareness and realisation of how individual or group actions impact on others. Participants will have developed and committed to a set of actions, habits and behaviours that will improve their leadership performance.

How long?

1 day

How much?

£295 plus VAT per person


Edinburgh - Date TBA

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