Empathy Styles is a quick, effective and fun way of learning
about people and how to deal with them

These are the 7 styles
We each have all of them in a unique combination of high, medium or low

You can quickly learn to see the strong styles in other people
You can then decide how best to deal with them

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An effective and fun course for your
sales or customer service team

Empathy Styles will get their attention - it's new and different, and it works! Whether they're in b2b

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Create a unique and fun event
for your team or company

Do you want to give the team a more useful event
than a comedian or a magician can provide?

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Free Quick Quiz to find your strong styles

Take just 5 minutes to discover your strong styles - get an instant email response.

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A fresh approach to management
and leadership.

Do you want to give your people some really
effective 'people tools' to help them manage their

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Find out more - Buy a book

Improve your sales skills or your management skills or both! Buy a copy of Empathy Selling or the Humm Handbook. Each book describes

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An Empathy Selling course in action

Watch the Empathy Selling course in action.

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