A fresh approach to management and leadership

A fresh approach to management and leadershipDo you want to give your people some really effective 'people tools' to help them manage their teams better? Do you want to inspire your people to find their true leadership potential? With this Management and Leadership Training Courses, Empathy Styles gives your management team the 'inside story' on their own and others' motivations and what to do to get the best from them - in the way that they want, naturally.

At Empathy Styles we believe in the 'Diamond Rule' - 'treat people as they want to be treated'. [picture of a diamond] Experienced and effective managers and leaders do just that - they tap into the fundamental drives of their people.

Empathy Styles gives them a simple model that is easy to learn, psychologically sound and still accessible to them long after the programme has finished. It gives managers and leaders practical tools to manage and lead more effectively in their own environment, not in some mythical situation created by a trainer.

Ask us about managers who've had real 'ah ha's' about their own temperament and that of their people. And who have become more effective as a result. Our Management / Leadership courses/workshops are practical, down-to-earth, and effective.

Client Testimonial

 "The results were better than I had hoped for. In two days we gained more insight into each others behaviour and are now working more closely than we have in the previous year. Since the course the open communication has continued." Operations Director, Telco Networking Business