Why is it different?

Why is it different? All models of human behaviour will tell you about people - that's their job! The differences will be in the complexity, the accuracy, the ease of use and whether they give you specific help you to deal with people. Or whether they just describe the differences in people. Some models need you to complete a questionnaire which then has to be analysed. Some models need significant study to understand them and how to apply them. Some models may describe you very well but won't really help you to understand others in the moment. And life is lived in the moment!

Empathy has 5 fundamental advantages:

  • You can see other people's major drives usually within moments of meeting them
  • It's psychologically sound (it comes from the Humm Wadsworth - a full psychometric)
  • It recognises that people are complex and it therefore shows you how you can simplify that complexity in order to deal with it,
  • It gives you specific 'strategies' to apply to get that person on-side, for example, for each style in the first day of a course we will identify 6 things to do and 4 things not to do to get that person on-side
  • It's quick and easy to learn - in 2 days you will know the model and be developing skill in using it

And for teams, it's fun - everyone loves learning about themselves and their colleagues and gaining the insights which come from the Empathy Styles model. And it's still accessible to them long after the event.

Some people ask us how does Empathy 'map across' to other models? Imagine an orange. Imagine you've sliced it vertically down the middle. Now imagine you've sliced it horizontally through the middle. You can now see in your mind's eye two very different sections of orange but it's still the same orange. That's what it's like with personality models - each one will take a different 'slice' through the person and come up with a different result, yet it's the same person.

You may already be using a model of behaviour. You may ask "is Empathy better than the one you are using"? That depends on what you're using it for - does it do what you need doing? The fact that you're looking at Empathy may mean that it's time to try something different. Call us or ask a question about the particular issue that you're facing with people, or come to a free 2-hour seminar and experience it for yourself.

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