How each individual style will view the Empathy Styles approach:


Normal - you'll want to read all the information to make sure it's the right course for you or your people, that salespeople in other similar companies have found it useful, and that you're getting value for money.

Hustler - give us a ring and we'll tell you why it's the right course for you - because it will show you and your colleagues how to produce more sales for less effort - and there's a discount for more than one person on the same course!

Mover - give us a ring and we'll chat to you about it or click on the quick link - it's a great programme; lots of fun; lots of people contact and there's lots of things to do over the 2 days. Go on - have a go!

Double-Checker - please be reassured that this is a good and reliable course - many other people just like you have found that it works to help them make the right decisions about prospects and customers. You'll want to read all the information here and maybe call us for more information and to talk through any concerns you might have.

Artist - you'll probably want some time to review the information here and to visualise how it might work for you or your team. We're happy to create with you the best solution for your team if you're looking for an in-company course. On the public course our trainers are specially trained to be sensitive to the needs of all participants. It's an ideal programme for salespeople who want to draw out their potential.

Politician - other senior people have told us that it's probably the best course for understanding and dealing with different personalities and which then produces results. Many top salespeople have taken this course and have produced winning sales strategies as a result. Let us know when you've decided to go ahead. We've given you a choice of venues and dates so you can decide which course is best for you or your people. If you choose to do it in-house, please call or email us and let us know what you've decided.

Engineer - please read all the following information in detail. You will almost certainly have other questions about the process and how it works. You may want to know more information about the background of the Empathy Styles model which we're happy to provide. If you want to run an in-house course we'll do our best to fit in with the best process for your business and to make sure it's scheduled correctly.

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