Empathy Lite

Empathy Lite

1-day for groups and teams who want an introduction to Empathy Styles.

The day is specially designed for each group and, as well as any specific material to meet team goals, will contain the following:

  • The 7 Empathy Styles - what they are, what they mean, how the model works
  • How to quickly read others' Empathy Styles
  • Who's in the group or team - in Empathy terms
  • Understanding other people - what they need and what they don't want - in terms of communication, relationship and motivation
  • Some fun in learning about each other and themselves
  • An action plan for each person to improve their communication/ relationships and for the team as a whole to do the same

All Empathy Styles programmes are run by people who are expert in the Empathy Approach as well as expert in working with teams and groups. Once we understand the group that you have selected, we will select the best trainer for your group.

People will finish the day motivated and enthused about themselves and working with their colleagues. They will have a new tool to understand themselves and others around them - a tool that is accessible, practical, fun and soundly-based in psychology - in other words, a tool that really does reflect the inner drives that people have.

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