Where to use the Empathy model

  • You can use Empathy Styles whenever you need to influence people
  • Empathy Styles answers the 2 fundamental questions we have about human behaviour -
    • Why do people do what they do? and
    • How can I influence them to do something differently?
  • It does this in a 3 step process by showing you:
    • How people are different from you
    • How you can spot that, quickly, on meeting them
    • What you can do to get them 'on-side'
  • It's different because it:
    • Is practical and accessible for everyday people,
    • Is psychologically sound,
    • Acknowledges and simplifies the complexity in people,
    • Gives you specific strategies, and
    • Is quick and easy to learn and to apply.
  • You may already be using another model of temperament. Empathy Styles may make a refreshing change for you - it will depend on what you want the model to do for you -
    contact us with your particular issue and we'll give you an honest response.

Client Testimonial

 "Empathy has given us a common language and a structure for us to talk sensibly about that unpredictable subject - people. Our customers and staff are both very important to us and Empathy gives us the best approach for each individual even before we meet them. I'm delighted we've done it - it's given us a real sales advantage and we're also working together as a team because of it." Managing Director, GI Solutions Group

Where to use the Empathy modelYou can use the Empathy model whenever you need to understand people. You might be selling to them, managing them, recruiting them, working with them or teaching, coaching or mentoring them. It's rather like a pair of special glasses that allows you to see the inner drives of other people because we give ourselves away all the time - in what we do and how we do it, what we wear, what we talk about and how we do that, and so on.

It's useful because you can get an immediate guide as to another person's temperament and how that might affect their behaviour. And by immediate, we mean just that - in fact, with the Empathy approach almost always you can understand a person's major drives in the first few moments of a meeting or a phone call.

And it's people's behaviour that we're all interested in - whatever your job we all need to influence people. Psychologists tell us that about 90% of our non-rational behaviour is driven by our temperament. In other words most of what we do and the way that we do it comes from our inner drives - our temperament.

Yet, psychologists will also tell us that about 40% of the people you meet are sufficiently different from you that you won't either understand or like them. And of course it applies the other way round - i.e. 40% of the people meeting you won't like or understand you! So what chance do you have of influencing them?

Empathy tells you why they don't like or understand you and what you can do about that - giving you a much better chance of influencing them.

So why not give yourself a head start and take a closer look at Empathy. It answers the 2 fundamental questions that we ask:

  • why do people do what they do? and
  • how can I influence them to behave differently?

It does that by showing you:

  • How other people are different from you,
  • How you can spot that, quickly, on meeting them, and
  • What you can do to get them 'on-side'

In 2 days of training you can gain considerable skill in understanding people using the Empathy Styles model and be applying it in your life to influence people, whether you're selling to them, serving them, managing them or teaching or coaching them.

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