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Chris GolisChris Golis was born in the UK and emigrated to Australia in the '70s. He has an MA from Cambridge and an MBA from the London Business School. At the LBS he studied under Charles Handy, the management 'guru' who advised him to go into sales as a career rather than management consultancy. Chris was introduced to the Empathy concept early on in his career as a salesperson with ICL in Australia. He realised its power and effectiveness as he used it to win the only major deal that ICL took from IBM world-wide in that year. He later used it to significant effect as the Divisional General Manager for TNT where in 18 months his team won 15 of the major deals available - according to market share they should have won just 1! Chris says that when the competition knew they knew that Chris's team were in the bidding they would often give up. They didn't know what they were doing to win but they knew that they were difficult to beat!

Since the beginning of the '90s he as been working in the venture capital industry helping businesses get started. His first book Enterprise and Venture Capital: A business builder's and investor's handbook was initially published in 1989. It is now in its fifth edition.

In 1990 he wrote his second book Empathy Selling as an accompaniment to the Empathy Selling Course that he had developed in conjunction with Chandler Macleod, the owners of the Empathy technology.

In 2007 he published his latest book - the Humm Handbook, lifting your level of emotional intelligence. (The name 'Humm' comes from the full psychometric the 'Humm Wadsworth', from which the Empathy approach is derived.). This is a helpful book on how to use the Empathy approach in a management setting.

You can contact Chris at http://www.thehummhandbook.com

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